Headset & Speaker

Do a survey today. Testing several headsets, look at speakers, planning which to buy or will not buy at all.

Still, I manage to find a good headset. Love the grip on both ears, shut out all sound from outside. Plus, it’s wireless. I somehow imagine, It will help me to focus on the white screen upon me, and not pay attention to other things while writing.

To be honest, this is my first time doing such thing. Taking my own sweet time choosing a speaker and headset, which I always do not bother before. Just play songs through my Asus Zenfon speaker or use speaker on my pc, using the one my brother give. Good experience, I guess. I love the feeling, enjoying the moment, test one by one without any bias. Just decide after trying.

It makes me think. Can I do the same with people around me? Stop judging myself and others while having conversation or hang around. Like our kids, within few seconds, they can laugh together and play happily. Sigh, you have longgg way to go dear.

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